Naples and Herculaneum Tour

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If you want to explore Naples making the most of your available time, then the Naples and Herculaneum Tour is what you were searching for.

Yes because - and we'd like to point it out - the tour lets you literally forget about the stress of finding a parking space available at each place where you want to stop, forget about when the next bus passes for the next place on your day planning, forget that driving among turns and turns is not exactly the same thing than driving on the highway. So, forget about all this. Literally.

Naples and Herculaneum Tour

Naples is a pictoresque city, filled with art and culture. The driver guided us very patiently, giving us useful suggestions about what to visit and where to have lunch.


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The meeting point

We want you to relax. In this way you can enjoy the best of Naples from any starting point you prefer.
Your personal driver will meet you at the address you give him.

The start time

Ok perfect, can I choose the start time too? Of course, and let us give you some tips. If you choose a tour lasting eight hours, then you might meet the driver between 8 am and 10 am, so as to optimize your day. If you choose, instead, a tour lasting five hours, you can decide whether to do it mainly in the morning or in the afternoon, so as not to take time away from the tour for lunch.
In any case, whatever time of the day you choose, your personal driver is always ready to meet your needs.


Usally the Naples and Herculaneum Tour lasts from five to eight hours. Anyway, you are free to customize its duration.
Additional hourly fees may be applied before 8 am and after 8 pm.

What to wear

Wear the essential because you will walk a lot, especially in the town centres, monuments and museums. If you are taking the tour in July and August, wear a hat for the sun and shorts for the heat. From June to September the weather on the Amalfi Coast is usually warm and sunny.

Here is a table by ilmeteo reporting the medium temperatures on the Amalfi Coast during the last 3 years:

Month Night temperature Day temperature
January9,9°C (49.8°F)13,5°C (56.4°F)
February8,9°C (48°F)13,7°C (56.7°F)
March10,5°C (50.8°F)16,3°C (61.3°F)
April13,0°C (55.5°F)19,9°C (67.8°F)
May16,4°C (61.5°F)24,3°C (75.7°F)
June20,4°C (68.7°F)28,6°C (83.5°F)
July22,4°C (72.3°F)31,6°C (88.9°F)
August23,1°C (73.5°F)31,9°C (89.4°F)
September20,7°C (69.3°F)28,1°C (82.6°F)
October17,6°C (63.7°F)23,2°C (73.8°F)
November14,4°C (57.9°F)18,6°C (65.5°F)
December12,0°C (53.6°F)15,6°C (60.1°F)

How to book

This is easier than to decide where to go and for how long, isn't it? Whether you need further information, or customize your Naples and Herculaneum Tour, we're always here to help you. Just send us an email to or chat with us now.
Are you ready instead? Well, don't waste time, choose your tour features and get a confirmation now.

REVIEWS ABOUT THE Naples and Herculaneum Tour

from the USA
Mediterranean cities have a unique charm
I think that the Mediterranean cities have a unique charm. I love Naples because different styles blend together in it, Baroque peacefully coexists with the Romanesque style, all well located in a modern city. At the end of every street in Naples there is almost always a square waiting for you, which reveals a hidden treasure to your eyes. Not to mention the smells of delicious food that flood every corner of Naples!
Rated 5/5July 2015

from Canada
Naples is a picturesque city
Naples is a pictoresque city, filled with art and culture. The driver guided us very patiently, giving us useful suggestions about what to visit and where to have lunch.
Rated 5/5September 2014

Living Amalfi Admin
Happy to know that you enjoyed the tour, Adham. Best wishes!
September 2014

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